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We do not offer order assistance in chat, but only via ticket.

Make sure to mention order ID and issue for order related query. Example: 


Speed up:

Make sure to mention payment method name, transaction ID, amount send and to which account you send the money. Example:

Add fund:

• Any service must be tested with a minimum order to evaluate its quality and speed, before placing orders with large quantities.

• This is an automatic panel with automatic servers, so we are unable to cancel/partial an order after you submit it, make sure to think before order.

DO NOT place multiple orders on the same link.  Wait for the first one to complete, then make another one, otherwise you will NOT get what you ordered.  If you do not respect this rule, DO NOT open tickets or contact us via chat to ask us for help on these orders, because we cannot help you in any way.

 • Some services need to order multiple amounts, ie: 50 = 100 / 150 etc.. or 1000 = 2000 / 3000 / 10K. Check details before order!!

• Quantity: If some server place order amount must be equal quantity by amount. It will cancel if you place the wrong amount, ie: Quantity must be multiple of 100. If you order 105, 150, 2500, it will be rejected and cancel full refunded. Please place an order on: 100 / 200 / 1100 etc...

For orders issue problem usually takes up 24-72HR automatic solve the problem. If the status is Partially completed/Canceled it means Smm-Panel system can't give more likes/followers to the current page/post and money will be automatically refunded for remains likes/followers. Please order on the different ID service in this case. 

• Never changed your profile username during the service which has been placed the order, it will be marked completed by your fault and mistake,

• Place same link / different server will help, if it cannot delivery will partially refund by itself.

• Pending means start time in progressing mode. In progressing mode estimate instant to 24H completed to the day speed.

• Followers orders on day speed running, please be patients, if your profile has followers, it needs to read which not add before to add, it will be a time and slower for high amount profile. Order the maximum of the servers that higher than profile followers will be faster, but between suggestion per time. If you add last day already, it needs time to start again. Will be some delay!!

• If order completed by nothing added, Please check service details about drop ratio / completion ratio / no refill or refill server. If it spam by completed mistake will be happened some times. Request a new ticket for help.

• Drip-Feed - If you not sure the day speed, hour speed, don't use drip-feed. First order not completed, and u place another one, it will just start count same and completed the same amount by bots. Usually, you must confirm the server speed, start time, and drip in correct mins. Depends server to set which method, if you not sure, feel free to ask us on service id first.

• If you place continuous orders on the same link, using a "guaranteed refill" service, know that you can request a refill only on the last order made in the event of a drop, and not on the previous ones.

• Refill guarantee will be revoked if start count goes down after complete an order, we are unable to provide any refill in such case order.

• Order will be considered as completed if start count goes down after place/start an order, we are unable to cancel/partial such order.

• Order will be considered as completed if post/page/video deleted or removed after place order.

• The order is considered completed if the link is private, or if it changes from public to private during execution. 


⚠️ We won't recommend any fast followers, they all drop fast. No point to be fast one followers, does not like, it must be stable better, you add them fast for what? next week all drop, and waste money, not looking good!

⚠️ Acknowledge that DROP RATE on most Instagram Follower service is VERY HIGH. Please Use at your own risk.

⚠️Some of the cheap server will slow down daily once the server overloaded, please wait for the patient next 12-24H will restart the capacitor.

⚠️We DO NOT guarantee your new followers will interact with you, we simply guarantee you to get the followers you pay for.

⚠️We DO NOT guarantee 100% of our accounts will have a profile picture, full bio and uploaded pictures, although we strive to make this the reality for all accounts.

⚠️If you use drip feed feature. We can not intervent ( refund / refill / cancel etc ).

• For other IMPORTANT information, please read our TERMS OF SERVICE that you have accepted when you signed up.