Terms of Service:

Use of the services provided by Italia Seo Market that you unconditionally accept every time you place an order.

1. By registering and placing an order on Italia Seo Market, you declare that you have already checked and fully understood the following terms and Italia Seo Market will not be in any way responsible for disagreements with customers who have not read the following agreement.

 2. By placing an order with Italia Seo Market, you automatically accept all the conditions of service listed below and also reported in our FAQ, regardless of whether the user reads them or not.

 3. We reserve the right to change these terms of service without notice.  You must read all of these terms of service before placing any order to ensure that you are up to date with these terms or any future changes.

 4. Italia Seo Market will be used exclusively to promote the user's Instagram / Twitter / Youtube / Facebook account or any other Social account and only to increase its "Appearance".

 5. We do NOT guarantee that the new followers we provide will interact with you

 6. We DO NOT guarantee that 100% of purchased followers / likes have a profile picture, full bio and photos uploaded, although we do aim to make this as truthful as possible.

 7. By subscribing to our panel for SMM Italia Seo Market economic services and using our services, you agree to receive information and promotional communications / emails / messages from us.

 8. By using our services you agree not to upload links with content that includes nudity / adults or any substance not permitted or suitable for Instagram / YoutTube / TikTok / Twitter / Facebook or any other social network.

 9. You will use the Italy Seo Market panel by following all the terms of Soundcloud / Instagram / Pinterest / Youtube and other social media listed in their respective Terms of Service.

 10. The rates of Italia Seo Market can be changed at any time without notice.  The terms remain in effect in the event of price changes.

 11. Italy Seo Market does not guarantee delivery times for any of our services.  We offer our best estimate for when your order can be completed.  It is only an approximation and the SMM Italia Seo Market panel will not refund pending or pending orders if you feel they are taking too long.

 12. Italy Seo Market is committed to delivering exactly what our customers expect from us.  In this case, we reserve the right to change a type of service / quality / speed / price if we deem it necessary to complete an order.

 DISCLAIMER: Smm Panel Italia Seo Market will not be responsible for any "image damage" that you or your company may suffer.

 RESPONSIBILITY: Italia Seo Market is in no way responsible for any suspension of the account or for the cancellation of photos / posts / videos / followers made by YouTube or Soundcloud or Facebook or Tiktok or other social media platforms.

 REFUND: NO refunds are made after reloading the balance.  You can receive a refund (automatic and instant), only on your account balance when an order is canceled or partialized by the servers.

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