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 1️⃣ Step 1:

 Add credits to the Panel in the "ADD FUNDS" section. You can find the link to the section for adding funds in the menu located at the top right with the following "≑" symbol (from the mobile device) or in the side menu located on the left (from the PC). Topping up your account can be done with one of the various methods in this section.

 2️⃣ Step 2:

 Go to the "𝐍EW ORDER" section and fill out the forms required to enter a new order:

 1. On the drop-down menu called β€œπ‚π€π“π„π†πŽπ‘Y” choose the service category you need (for example: Instagram - Likes).

 2. From the drop-down menu called β€œπ’π„π‘π•πˆCE” choose the type of service best suited to your needs. It is advisable to always read the title and description of the service carefully to ensure you do not make the wrong choice.

 3. In the box called β€œπ‹πˆππŠβ€ enter the link on which you want to receive the requested service, make sure you enter the correct link.

 4. In the box called β€œAMOUNT” enter the quantity of the service you would like to receive, before confirming the order also carefully check the box below with the words β€œPRICE” which will show you the precise calculation of the cost for the service and the quantity you entered.

 5. Once you have filled in all the data relating to your order, click on the β€œCREATE ORDER” button to pay and send the request for delivery of your order to our system.


 The prices in the list are indicated assuming that the quantity of interactions to order is 1000 (Cost per 1000), but it is possible to choose any quantity when ordering and the cost will be recalculated automatically. This is valid for every type of service in the list.


 If a like service costs €16, it means that 1000 likes cost €16. So for example, if you only order 100 likes the final price will be only €1.60. Simply place a new order and choose the quantity: the correct price will be automatically indicated by the system.

 βš οΈ Read before placing an orderπŸ‘‡

 1. If after placing an order you delete the post or change your username, the order will be considered completed.

 2. If your profile changes from public to private during delivery, your order will be considered completed.

 3. You cannot place multiple orders of the same service at the same time for the same link. You must wait for the first order to be Completed, Canceled or in Partial status before placing the next one. We cannot cancel or refund orders that have not followed these directions.